About Us


Dumai Industrial Estate is the largest Industrial Estate in Riau Province with a total land estate of ​​1,739 Ha. This estate began construction on August 31st, 2000. Dumai Industrial Estate is a company from Wilmar International Ltd, which is part of Wilmar’s strategy to become an integrated agribusiness model that covers the entire agricultural commodity business value chain.

Dumai Industrial Estate aims to become a Green Zone Estate, as well as improving community welfare through the development of a modern and sustainable Industrial Estate.

In 2010, Dumai Industrial Estate was declared a Palm Oil Industry Cluster by the Indonesian Government, because of its great potential for palm oil-based industries. Even though the main potential of this Industrial Estate is dedicated to palm oil-based industry, the Dumai Industrial Estate is also a very strategic area for investing in various other types of industry.

Dumai Industrial Estate provides ready-to-use industrial land and complete infrastructure facilities to support business activities in the Industrial Estate Infrastructure, Electricity, Industrial Raw Water Treatment, Waste Water Management, 24 hour Security System, Fire Truck, Clinic & Ambulance.