Attended by the Mayor of Dumai, Wilmar Group Unit Dumai – Pelintung Successfully Holds Halal Bihalal & Gathering of Management and Wilmar Muslim Family

Wilmar Group Unit Dumai – Pelintung held a halal bihalal together with Wilmar Management and Muslim Families. This event was held at the Sri Bunga Tanjung Building, Dumai City, Wednesday (01/05). With the theme “With a Fitri Heart, Building Synergy, Knitting Harmony Towards Togetherness”.

Before the event started, invited guests received a dance performance from the children of Wilmar Muslim employees. This event was successfully attended by thousands of invited guests.

In his speech, Mayor of Dumai H. Paisal, SKM., MARS said that the Wilmar company must always remain compact and united so that the company can always run well.

Invited guests also received a lecture from a Ustadz from Pekanbaru City, Ustadz Rahmad Syahroni Al-Asahani S.Pd.I regarding “Establishing Synergy, Knitting Harmony Towards Togetherness” with the aim of building and ensuring productive and harmonious cooperative relationships to produce beneficial results. and quality. and closed with a joint prayer.

Not only that, the event was also enlivened with other activities, an Islamic guessing game for the children of Wilmar Muslim Employees, a couple compatibility game for husband and wife couples of Wilmar Muslim Employees, and the most eagerly awaited was the drawing of door prizes for all invited guests who attended.

“The halal bihalal event is a momentum to continue to build friendship and forgive each other. I also hope that this momentum will make us strengthen the sense of family that is created in the work environment of the Wilmar Group Unit Dumai – Pelintung,” said Rachmadsyah.

The series of events closed with greetings and a group photo by the Management of the Wilmar Group Unit Dumai – Pelintung with the Wilmar Muslim Family.