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Dumai Industrial Estate Holds First Aider Competition to Commemorate Wilmar K3 Month 2024

05/02/2024 – First Aider is a competition to test the skills of employees regarding handling First Aid for work accident victims in the Unit Area. This competition consists of the same Wilmar Company and EHS units are allowed to participate in groups.

The competition will be held on Monday, 05 February 2024, 09.00 – Finish, at the Illies Central Office Room in the Dumai Industrial Estate.

The conditions for the quiz competition are as follows :

1. Each team consists of 4 people who are in the same company.

2. Each unit sends 1 team.

3. Team participants have their own chants.

4. Participants wear work clothes, helmets and safety shoes.

5. The theme will be determined by the jury.

6. The order of team participants will be drawn by the committee and other team participants are not allowed to enter the competition area (unless it is their turn).

7. Participants must be present a maximum of 15 minutes before the competition to conduct a team briefing.

8. First aid equipment will be provided by the Committee.

9. The competition will be held January 30, 2024.

The competition assessment includes the following :

• Yel – Unique and creative Yel (Not allowed to use last year’s shout).

• Speed ​​of patient treatment.

• Accuracy of patient care sequence.

• Technical accuracy of patient handling.