Dumai Industrial Estate Provides Socialization About Waste Sorting Starting from Households

12/27/2023 – Waste sorting is the activity of grouping and separating waste according to the type, quantity or nature of waste.

Managing waste properly is one important way to keep our environment clean and healthy. The 3R principle (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) is an effective way to manage waste.

How to manage waste with 3R includes:

1. Reduce or reduce waste, by reducing waste or saving on the use of goods. This can be done when shopping for basic necessities by bringing your own shopping bag and avoiding using plastic bags.

2. Reuse or reuse, done by using used bottles as mosquito traps (OVITRAP), using used cans as flower pots, using paper as envelopes and using jerry cans as dustpans/garbage bins

3. Recycle, by processing organic waste produced from household kitchens and the environment into solid organic fertilizer (POP) and liquid organic fertilizer (POC)

Waste processing is carried out in order to save natural resources. If not managed well, natural resources which are continuously depleted will experience a crisis.

In this case, the Dumai Industrial Estate Team provided socialization regarding the importance of sorting waste starting from households, as presenters were Mr. Nursadi Muslim, Mr. Darwin Simaibang & Mr. Bony Trianda representing the Team from the Dumai Industrial Estate, and was attended by women in Hill Housing Pelintung Quary.

The hope is that this waste sorting will make further waste management easier. Apart from making it easier to manage waste further, sorting organic and inorganic waste can reduce air pollution caused by the accumulation of waste that is still mixed with organic and inorganic waste.