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In Commemoration of Wilmar K3 Month 2024 Dumai Industrial Estate Holds 3K & 5K Marathon Race

03/02/2024 – The Marathon is a running competition held on Jalan Pulau Sumatra – Dumai Industrial Estate with participants being employees and work partners of the Wilmar Group Dumai – Pelintung. 5K Marathon Race for male employees and work partners to the finish point, namely Central Office. 3K Marathon Race for employees and partners of the Wilmar Group Dumai – Women’s Pelintung until the finish point, namely at U-Turn PT. Tri Persada Mulia. For participants who finish, only the 3 fastest will be taken.

Competition activities will be held on Saturday, February 3 2024, at: 09.00 – Finish, location: 5K race: Central Office, 3K race: U-Turn PT. Tri Persada Mulia.

The conditions for the quiz competition are as follows:

1. 5k distance for men (Finish Central office)

2. Distance 3k for women (Finish PT. Tri Persada Mulia)

3. Participants are Wilmar employees and contractors who work in the Wilmar area

4. Wear a polite sports uniform and wear sports shoes

5. Physically and spiritually healthy

6. The competition will start from the main gate of the Dumai Industrial Estate

7. Winners must match the chest number and identity registered with the committee

national K3 month 2024

8. Registration of participants is limited to 700 people