Dumai Industrial Estate in Control in Anticipation of Vehicle Eligibility

Dumai Industrial Estate is increasing motor vehicle inspections as an effort to anticipate motor vehicles that are unfit for use. This activity is carried out to maintain the safety of road users and prevent accidents due to the use of vehicles that do not meet safety standards.

In its implementation, the Dumai Industrial Estate Team will inspect motorized vehicles in the Dumai Industrial Estate. This inspection includes checking the completeness of vehicle documents, such as SIM (Driving License) and STNK (Vehicle Registration Certificate), as well as technical inspection of the vehicle, including the lighting system, brakes, tires and other safety components to attach Industrial Zone stickers. Dumai.

Inspections are carried out with the aim of identifying motorized vehicles that do not meet technical requirements or are unfit for use, such as vehicles with damaged lighting, brakes that do not function properly, tires that are bald, or vehicles with modifications that violate safety regulations.

The Dumai Industrial Estate Team also provides outreach to the public regarding the importance of maintaining the condition of vehicles so that they are always fit for use and meet safety standards. Employees and Tenants are reminded to carry out routine maintenance, replace damaged components and avoid modifications that violate safety regulations.