Maximizing the Last 10 Days of Ramadan, Dumai Industrial Estate Holds Joint I’tikaf

07/04/2024 – Dumai Industrial Estate together with the Wilmar Muslim Family Foundation held a joint I’tikaf activity on Saturday-Sunday, April 6-7 2024. Located at Hidayatul Iman Central Office Mosque, Dumai Industrial Estate. This activity aims to get closer to Allah SWT by increasing worship, staying away from his prohibitions, and refraining from worldly temptations.

This activity begins with breaking the fast together and after performing sunnah tarawih prayers, I’tikaf participants receive a lecture from Ustaz Kalifah Fauzi Domo regarding the virtues of the month of Ramadan and the night of Lailatul Qadar, namely the month full of blessings, the gates of heaven are opened, the gates of hell are closed and the demons were chained. In this month of Ramadan, there is one night that is better than 1.000 months.

In his speech, “I would like to thank the entire committee so that this becomes an annual routine activity, I’tikaf together, breaking the fast together, can again be held very well. Hopefully this gathering event will bring blessings to all of us. I also thank all the committee members who have worked together to help make this event run smoothly. “Hopefully health, blessings and goodness will always accompany us all,” said Sunardi, Chairman of the Wilmar Muslim Family Foundation.

The hope is to reach the night of Lailatul Qadar which has the virtue of worship performed better than 1.000 months. This I’tikaf is an attempt to achieve the virtue of Lailatul Qadar.