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PT Pelita Agung Agrindustri Distributes Scholarships at SMKN 6 Teluk Makmur

08/03/2024 – PT Pelita Agung Agrindustri again distributed scholarships to students at State Vocational High School (SMKN) 6 on Friday 08/03/2024.

Public Relations of PT Pelita Agung Agrindustri, Rizki Siregar, explained that providing this assistance was a form of the company’s concern for the world of education. He also hopes that this scholarship will have a positive impact on the school environment and become a trigger that encourages other students to improve each other’s abilities.

“We hope that the CSR program being implemented can stimulate the enthusiasm of female students to continue learning, honing and improving the soft skills needed in the current era of very rapid technological development,” he said.

On the same occasion, Andi Tobing as operational manager of PT Pelita Agung Agrindustri explained that the awarding of this scholarship was one of the four pillars of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program of the company located in the Dumai Industrial Estate, Pelintung.

The man who is familiarly called Mr. Tobing explained that this scholarship was part of the Permata Smart CSR program which is one of the four pillars of Permata Group’s CSR.

“We hope that this four pillar CSR program can help the community,” he hoped.

For information, there are four pillars of the CSR program that are carried out and are already running from PT Pelita Agung Agrindustri, namely :

Permata Cerdas aims to make people’s lives smarter by providing educational scholarships to high school students.

Permata Ekonomi dan Sosial that aims to help the community’s economy in the form of implementing cheap market activities by providing subsidies on the price of cooking oil to the community, providing basic food assistance to local communities and providing capital assistance for quail farming businesses to local community groups.

Permata Hijau focuses on the environment by carrying out mangrove tree planting activities.

Permata Sehat with mass circumcision activities carried out last November.