Sharing Kindness in Ramadan 1445 H, Dumai Industrial Estate Sympathize Orphans in Medang Kampai District

28/03/2024 – Dumai Industrial Estate together with the Wilmar Muslim Family Foundation held an activity to hand over compensation to orphans on Thursday, March 28 2024. Located at the Hidayatul Iman Central Office Mosque, Dumai Industrial Estate. This activity is an opportunity to stay in touch as well as a form of caring and sharing in the month of Ramadan, especially for the community around Medang Kampai District.

This activity was attended by 10 coordinators and 145 orphans from each sub-district of Mundam, Teluk Makmur, Guntung & Pelintung.

Before handing over the compensation, the orphans received a lecture from Ustaz Akhir Muda & Muhammad Muhakim regarding the blessings and rewards in the month of Ramadan. This aims to make them more enthusiastic in worship and increase their devotion to Allah SWT.

Not only compensation in the form of money, the orphans who attended were also given food to break the fast & basic food packages. They were very enthusiastic and happy with this activity.

Previously, this compensation activity was also carried out in Buluh Kasap Village, East Dumai District & Bintan Village, Dumai Kota District. We hope that this month of Ramadan will provide benefits for those in need and we hope that this activity can continue to be carried out not only in the month of Ramadan but also every month.

The series of activities closed with greetings from the Management of the Dumai Industrial Estate & the management of the Wilmar Muslim Family Foundation with the coordinators and the orphans.