SMK N 2 Pekanbaru Enters the Dumai Industrial Estate

A group of students from SMK N 2 Pekanbaru held a Study Tour with the theme Goes to the Dumai Industrial Estate. Implemented on 09/20/2023.

By using the Fajar Riau Tourism Bus and accompanied by Teacher Staff to the Administration section. The group departed at 06.00 am and took 3.5 hours to travel and arrived at the Dumai Industrial Estate at 09.30 am.

”We saw many objects during our study tour in the Dumai Industrial Estate. However, we only focused on seeing and visiting how the cooking oil process is processed. After going on the Goes to Dumai Industrial Estate trip, we felt that this trip was very impressive. Have the opportunity to see various activities in the Dumai Industrial Estate. This increases our admiration for having visited the Dumai Industrial Estate. We hope that this trip can be carried out regularly every year with different goals and themes. So the impressions we receive become more diverse to add to the experience. said one of the students at SMK N 2 Pekanbaru”