Ali Bastor Tanjung

As a company that produces biodiesel for domestic and foreign marketing. We  started our establishment in the Dumai Industrial Estate in 2007 and started operations in 2010.

As the first company to become a tenant in the Dumai Industrial Estate, we have been assisted and facilitated a lot by Dumai Industrial Estate in terms of business permits, construction and maintenance of tenant support facilities in this estate, as well as the operations of the companies used.

The professional management and completeness of international standard facilities owned by the Dumai Industrial Estate have really helped us in realizing our commitment to continue producing high quality and high value palm oil.

The operations of the Dumai Industrial Estate are also in line with our company strategy, which focuses on maximizing results and minimizing environmental and social impacts that occur.

Our hope is for the management of the Dumai Industrial Estate, that the good service that has can be maintained and improved in the future so that companies joining this area can continue to grow and develop even better. This is of course in accordance with our slogan “One Source, Endless Possibilities”

PT. Ciliandara Perkasa