Welcoming Wilmar K3 Month 2024, Dumai Industrial Estate Holds Quiz

07/02/2024 – LK3 Quiz is a competition held to test LK3 knowledge of Wilmar Employees and Partners. The races will be combined between employee participants and Wilmar Work Partners. The competition will be divided into 2 sessions, The first session is answering multiple choice questions and the second session is answering questions fast.

For the second session, we will select the 5 best teams from employee participants and the 5 best teams from the Working Partner participants for us to compete again until a winning team is found. Every Participants are from the same company entity, both units and work partners. For Each Wilmar Unit and Work Partner must be represented by 1 team consisting of 3 people participant.

The competition will be held on Wednesday, 07 February 2024, 09.00 – Finish, at the Illies Central Office Room in the Dumai Industrial Estate.

The conditions for the quiz competition are as follows :

1. Each team consists of 3 people who are in the same company.

2. Participants can only register for one team.

3. Wear company work clothes and safety shoes.

4. Must be present 15 minutes before the start time.

5. Have cellphones and a good network for each team.

6. Material regarding understanding LK3 and General Regional Regulations.

7. Must have chants for each team.

8. Register via the link https://bit.ly/Penregistranlombabulank32024.

The competition assessment includes the following :

Session I: (Initial Round for all registered teams)

Obtaining the highest score from online multiple choice questions using a cellphone personal and Private network (Perteam 1 device), 10 teams with the highest scores will be selected.

Session II: (Final Round for 10 Teams with the Highest Scores)

Assessment Aspects :

• Yell, yell.

• Guess the Style.

• Guess the Sign.

• Quick Answer Multiple / Scramble.

• Answer Quickly to Essay Questions / Contests.